Christians are often hurt when atheists attack their beliefs, it seems hateful. Being told your god doesn’t exist, being told you’re not going to heaven, being told you’re not part of anybody’s perfect plan, these things hurt.

You must try and remember, atheists hate the belief, not the believer. Atheists don’t hate you, they only hate your sick, awful, abhorrent, abusive beliefs. They hate the pain and hurt caused because of your beliefs. They hate seeing your belief keeping you trapped in a state of constant delusion. Really, atheists LOVE you, we want to help you, but we will not accept your belief.

Does that help? Do you feel loved now?

No? Well keep this in mind next time you tell a gay person “I don’t hate you, just your sin.”

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I’m a Christians, & this is not true. I have a few friends that are atheist doesn’t me were disrespectful to religion . I also have a bunch of gay, les, & bi friends. So, not all Christians are judgmental.

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When your crush says Hi…


You’re all like:


“Okay ill see you later”

Then you’re like:


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I like to listen to music while I zone out and think about life.

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don’t fucking comment on anyone’s laugh except to tell them how fucking cute it is. laughter is amazing laughter is an expression of pure joy. you tell someone their laugh is ugly? i think the same of your personality shut up fucker

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they’re evolving. growing stronger.

They’ll soon take over man-kind. With they’re cute, but tense look.
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